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Latinas in Law needed as Population Grows

The 2005 American Bar Association report:

• In the last nine years, there has been a startling decline in the number of racially and ethnically diverse students applying to, being admitted to and graduating from the nation’s law schools. In fact, minority enrollment in law schools is at its lowest point since 1985.

• Latinos make up only 5.5 percent of the nation’s law school enrollees, while Latinos make up 14 percent of nation’s population. In Minnesota, that number is less than 3.5 percent.

Ten years ago, there were 60 Latino law professors in the United States’ nearly 200 law schools. While that number has risen to 160+, these professors are still regionally concentrated. For example, there are 11 Latino Professors of Law at the University of New Mexico, while there are two total, including Hamline’s Professor Romero, in the entire state of Minnesota.

How do Minnesota law schools compare to these national findings? During the 2005-2006 academic year:
• Latinos made up 2.4 percent of students at William Mitchell College of Law.

• Latinos made up 4.1 percent of students at the University of Minnesota School

of Law. (Of 808 enrollees, fewer than 40 were Latinos.)

• Latinos made up 3.9 percent of students at Hamline University School of Law.

• Latinos made up 3.3 percent of students at the University of St. Thomas School of Law.

Ask The Universiies of Law in your State what percent of their students are Latinos and Latinas?    But don't let that stop you from attending.   See more on this topic and provide and post information like this or opporutnities for Latinas to enter Law Education through your membership content contribution link.   Si se Puede and Viva la Latina!