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10 Thinks to Consider in Choosing a Bank

If you're looking for a new place to put your money, chances are you're unhappy with your current bank. The sad truth is that most big mergers these days come with a price: The new bank usually looks at the policies of both smaller banks to make sure to include higher, more frequent fees.

Even if you're only thinking about changing, it pays to concentrate on finding the right bank for you. Everyone's situation is different, and each bank has the perfect solution for somebody. From small businesses to personal finances, and from low income to very high amounts of wealth, the key is to figure out what you need and work on finding the perfect fit.

In this article, we'll look at what you should consider for both your present needs and your future financial growth, including options for making sure you're as happy with your next bank as you deserve to be.


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Santa Ana credit union helps unbanked Latinos create financial security

For many immigrants, achieving citizenship is one step in making America your home, but it takes more than legal documents to really plant roots in this country. To really settle into a new home you need things like a job, or a car, or a church. It can also be something as simple as a bank account.

Tucked away at an unassuming strip mall in Santa Ana is Communidad Latina Credit Union, its first and only branch. Opened in 2007, it doesn't have the spacious lobby of the Chase Bank around the corner; It's just wide enough for three teller windows, a few chairs along the wall, and not much else.

But what is special about the credit union is its mission to serve the Latino population, who often don't use larger, mainstream banks. 

While Los Angeles has a handful of banks dedicated to that community, Communidad Latina is a rare outpost in Santa Ana, where more than three-fourths of the city is Latino. Operations manager Vanessa Alonso says another thing makes the credit union stand out from other nearby banks.

"We can open a savings account where it doesn't require entering in [a taxpayer ID number] or a social security number," she said. "Which means that even people who are here unofficially can join Communidad Latina.

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