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Connect with Latinas throughout their life journey.

The advancement of Latinas in the U.S. depends on the valuable resources available to them. “Ask The Latina” is a bilingual web and mobile portal with dynamic social media aspects that provide Latinas with the knowledge, resources, and social network needed in their current life’s journey.

Latinas are growing 4 times faster that the overall female population. They are strong buzz builders and can recommend, or not, a product or service according to their experiences as consumers. Latinas speak openly on what they do, what they like, and with whom they interact. If there is a cause that is inspiring and specifically related to helping other Latinas, they promote it with much fervor.

Brands can cultivate relationships with Latina entrepreneur members in “Ask The Latina” Nearly nine in ten (89 percent) start businesses to provide financially for their families. Community and family are strongly interconnected with their businesses.

Ask The Latina has the capabilities of developing custom programs for top brands that want to build relationships with Latinas, add value to their life journey, and get them talking about brands in an authentic and viral way.
Custom Solutions

Why Latinas in the U.S.A?

  • 50% of U.S. Hispanics internet users
  • 59% Mexican
  • Median household income $77,000
  • 41% have 1+ years college
  • 64% have children
  • 80% speak Spanish at home
  • 51% are married
  • Average household size = 4
  • 44% prefer to shop online
  • View bilingualism as an advantage
  • Latina moms are key role models
  • Growing 4 x faster than general female population
  • 27% are 15-47 years of age
  • Latinas make the household decisions
  • Fastest growing entrepreneur group

For more information about the types of creative that can be used on Ask The Latina and Pregunta A Una Latina please contact us to get started!

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