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Employment Certificates
• All minors under the age of 18 who work in New Jersey must
have an employment certificate – also called "working
papers" or a special permit (for agriculture, newspaper
carrier, or theatrical employment).

• An employment certificate is required for each employer.
Beginning October 2012, minors may obtain a blank A300
employment certification form Link
from either the NJ Department of Education or from the NJ
Department of Labor and Workforce Development. Minors may
continue to obtain a blank employment certification from the
Issuing Officer of the local school district where the minor
After the minor completes the personal information on the
employment certification, the minor takes the form to the
employer to complete the employment information and
Promise of Employment.
Physician's Certification – The minor then must have a
physical or obtain a doctor's note. The school district is
responsible for performing the physical examination at no cost to
the minor. A school physical (including a sports physical)
performed during freshman year is good for all four year of high
school (unless the school district policy specifies more frequent
If the minor's parent/guardian prefers their child to be examined
by a doctor other than the one employed by the school district,
they may do so at their own expense. A minor is not required to
obtain a physical if the parent/guardian objects (in writing) based
on their religious beliefs and practices.
Proof of Age – If the school does not have a copy on file, the
minor may be asked to provide a birth certificate, passport,
baptismal certificate or other identification documentation to the
School Issuing Officer.
Parent/Guardian Authorization – The parent/guardian must indicate his/her authorization of the minor's employment as
specified in the employment information section.
School Record/Issuing Officer Certification – The minor must
bring the completed certification to their school district. A
designated school official will review the form and issue the
employment certificate only after being satisfied that the working
conditions and hours will not interfere with the minor's education
or damage the minor's health. The school official may refuse to
issue the employment certificate if such refusal would be in the
minor's best interest.
Special Permits for Agriculture, Newspaper Carriers, or
Theatrical Employment
Depending on the age of the minor and whether the minor will be
working in agriculture, newspaper carriers, or theatrical
employment, the minor may need to obtain a special permit
(A310 Combined Certification Form Link
for Agriculture, Newspaper Carrier, Street Trades or Theatrical
Employment). The minor must obtain this permit from the Issuing
Officer of the local school district where the minor resides. If the
minor is not a New Jersey resident, the A310 special permit can
be obtained from the district in which the minor has obtained a
promise of employment.
• Agriculture (minimuim age - 12 years old)
12 thru 15 years old
- Special Agriculture Permit
• Newspaper Carriers (minimum age - 11 years old)
• 11 thru 15 years old - Special Newspaper Carrier Permit
• 16 & 17 years old - Employment Certificate

• Theatrical (minimum age - None)
• Under 16 years old - Special Theatrical Permit
• 16 & 17 years old - Employment Certificate

Age Certificate (issued to 18 to 21 years old) A young worker between 18 and 21 years may need to obtain an
age certificate (included on the A300) Employment Certificate
because the employer is requesting proof of age. The young
worker must complete the Minor's Personal Information on the
employment certification form and show a birth certificate,
passport, baptismal certificate, or other identification if the school does not already have a copy on file.