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Mariachi Latina Youth

Young Latinas are embracing their heritage by learning traditional instruments and music.  You see shows like La Voz Kids and others that showcase young talent.  Music can help teens improve their learning abilities and studies show that it can help with Math skills if starting at a young age. See the video that features the vihuela, a instrument from Mexico that is typically played in Mariachi music. 

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Gifts From The Heart and Faith For Mom

We are always looking for a special sentimental gift for our moms, whether it is for their birthday or for Mother's Day.   We asked some of our Latina Mom's what they value the most and many of them looked for gifts that represent their catholic faith.   Below are the top gifts picked as favorites.   Click on the image for more information.  



          Price: $39.22                                                 Price: $34.68  (Topaz/Plata)                    



             Price: $32.99   SWAROVSKI                                Price: $36.95                                          


 We will review Techie moms and see if items like Blu-ray is important to them.

Latinas Surviving Sexual Abuse in College Dorm

The news coming out of college campuses in the last year seems to paint a bleak picture. Between the troublesome and confusing reports on how college administrations are dealing with sexual assault on campus and the news of increasing student debt - it seems that some students face insurmountable challenges.

But writer and illustrator Suzy Exposito, who graduated in 2011, found a way to deal with financial hardship and abuse. She tells us her story on Latino USA.